Titanfall Generation Guide! (Titanfall Regeneration + XP Multiplier)

Titanfall Pilot Generation Guide. How to regenerate and earn extra XP!

For those who don’t know what Regeneration or generations are in Titanfall they follow the Call of Duty like ranking convention where once you reach the max level, level 50 for Titanfall, you’re given the choice to reset and do it all over again. This process of resetting is called “regeneration” and you can do this a total of 10 times, which represent the 10 total generations.

However Titanfall has put their own spin on this convention. Upon reach level 50 the first time, you are given the option to regenerate and go from a generation 1 pilot to a generation 2 pilot. You’ll lose everything, except for your Burn Card collection, and your Ogre and Stryder Titan chassis. So this means you’re brought back to level 1 and your loadouts and challenges have all been reset.

In exchange, every time you regenerate you’ll get an icon beside your username to show off which generation pilot you are. There are 9 different generation icons; there isn’t one for generation 1. Along with the gen icon you get an XP multiplier every time you regenerate. When you regenerate for the first time and become a Gen 2 pilot you will earn an extra 10% XP.

It was previously thought that every generation would add another 10% to your XP multiplier but that is not the case, it does vary slightly.

Titanfall Generation XP

The XP multiplier is applied at the end of the match and multiplies the XP you earned from the match by your respective generation multiplier. So if you earned 1000 XP as a Gen 2 pilot, you would actually earn 1100 XP.

So the added XP multiplier will speed the process up every time which will help you get reach Gen 10 Pilot and unlock the Gen 10 achievement that much sooner!

Although the XP multiplier will speed things up, Respawn has added requirements you must complete as well. So not only must you earn enough experience to reach level 50 every time, but you must complete specific challenges as well. Except for the first time you regenerate to a gen 2 pilot – the only requirement then is to reach level 50. These challenges will force you to use different weapons and tactics in order to regenerate further.

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