“Halo: Minecraft Evolved” – Halo Mash-Up Pack for Minecraft Arrives Tomorrow!

Halo Mash-Up Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Microsoft Studios, Mojang and 343 Industries just announced the release date for the ultimate mash up. The “Halo” Mash-up pack will be available on Wednesday, May 28 for download on Xbox Live for $3.99 / €3.79 / £2.69.

The Mash-up pack, expertly crafted by 4J Studios, includes a “Halo”-themed texture set, themed menus and user interface, craftable items and 31 music tracks across the “Halo” franchise. Also available are 40 pixel-perfect character skins depicting beloved “Halo” characters such as the Master Chief, Cortana, Sergeant Johnson, Arbiter and more. For fans looking to fully immerse themselves into the “Halo” universe, the “Halo” Mash-up pack also features pre-made worlds such as Silent Cartographer, Sandtrap, Valhalla, Blackout, Guardian, Blood Gulch and plenty of other well-known Halo vehicles and features.

Check out the trailer! 

Source: http://news.xbox.com/2014/05/games-minecraft-halo-mash-up