Halo 2 Anniversary Sanctuary Remastered Gameplay

343 Industries revealed that Sanctuary will be 1 of the 6 remastered Halo 2 maps for Halo 2 Anniversary. Sanctuary joins Ascension, Coagulation, and Zanzibar. There are rumors that Lockout will be one of the six. The final map is unknown.

There are reports that the remastered Sanctuary actually has the name of “Shrine”. This is seen while paused in-game.

Halo 2 Anniversry Sanctuary Remastered "Shrine"

Larry Hryb sat down with Dan Ayoub, Executive Producer at 343 Industries, to give us a more detailed walkthrough of Halo 2 Anniversary and it’s remastered map Sanctuary.

Finally check out this multiplayer footage on the remastered Sanctuary.