Halo 2 Anniversary Lockout Remastered

GameSpot and 343 Industries just announced that Lockout will be one the six remastered maps in Halo 2 Anniversary. Lockout joins Ascension (now called Zenith), Coagulation, Zanzibar, and Sanctuary (now called Shrine). The 6th map is still unknown.

The remastered Lockout is now called Lockdown and was playable at Pax Prime 2014. The map features 3¬†stalactites that can drop down after a few bullets and kill any enemies in the area. They’re located on Battle rifle tower, top mid, and behind sniper rifle tower. The glass in the center is also breakable and can allow players to drop down. The glass takes a lot before it can break, about 4 grenades, and eventually respawns after a certain amount of time. The stalactites do not respawn.

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