Halo 6 News – Split-Screen and Black Undersuits!

Halo 6 News! Halo 6 will have Split-Screen and Black Undersuits!

At yesterday’s DICE Summit in Las Vegas, Bonnie Ross took to the stage to talk about world building. During her speech she talked about some of the lessons learned when they took the helm of the Halo franchise.

One of the painful lessons, aside from Halo MCC’s multiplayer and launch woes, was the decision to remove split-screen for Halo 5. Since then the community has been vocal and Bonnie Ross announced that all future Halo FPS titles will have split-screen. Expect Halo 6, or whatever the next FPS title is to be called, to launch around fall 2018. Keep your eyes out this E3 in June as many expect a teaser… or maybe something along the lines of Anniversary like treatment (*cough* Halo 3 *cough*)

To coincide with this announcement, Halo community manager Ske7ch took to Waypoint and reiterated the news Bonnie Ross had said earlier in the day, and he contributed his confirmation that “black undersuits” would be accounted for moving forward.

For those unaware, black undersuits have been in high-demand ever since 343 Industries replaced them with coloured undersuits on our Spartans. Many fans share their distaste and often find it harder to distinguish the many armour variants easily when the under suits match the colour of the armour above. It’s a minor thing, but a wildly hot topic among the passionate Halo fans.


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