Halo News – MCC Fix, Oddball, HW2 Crossplay, New HCS & Country Flag Skins!

Lots of Halo News!

343 Industries has promised to fix Halo: The Master Chief Collection and enhance it for Xbox One X. Halo Wars 2 will support Cross play between Xbox One and Windows 10 “soon”,.

Alongside the fall 4K update for Halo 5 Local Server feature will launch, allowing anyone with a Windows 10 PC to make dedicated servers and run LANs. Oddball returns with an actual skull.

New HCS team skins for Luminosity, Str8Ripping and Splyce. Country Flag weapon skins have been announced for US, Canada, Mexico, UK, and Australia!

Bonnie Ross also said that their next Halo FPS title, presumably Halo 6, still won’t be announced for sometime.


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