Halo 4 News – 2 New Armor Abilities?! Teleport + Hacker

According to many reports within the Halo community, 2 armor abilities have been found deep within the code of the game.

These two are being called “Teleport” and “Hacker”. With teleport acting similar to the Promethean Knights ability to teleport, “bending time and space“, to different areas. And Hacker having the ability to disable the usage of an enemies armor ability (i.e. stop a jet pack, stop the usage of active camo, etc…)

It is unknown at this time whether these abilities are new or old bits of code. They may appear in future updates or in Halo 5 or Halo 6. What is known is that 343 did say in an interview a while ago talking about a potential teleportation armor ability similar to the Promethean Knights ability to teleport. But that has since been scrapped. So perhaps these are rejected ideas that still partially exist in the games code.

What are your thoughts?

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