Forerunner: The Most Overpowered Weapon Class in Halo 4?


I bring to you a Halo 4 video by a friend of mine, H3AsiiM. He is discussing whether or not the weapons that fall into the Forerunner arsenal are “Overpowered” (“OP“). He addresses the weapons that appear via ordnance drops and those available for loadout customization. In the gameplay he is using a full Forerunner loadout.

What are your thoughts? Should other weapons be buffed up, or have the forerunner weapons altered?

The boltshot alone is a hot topic right now. What are your thoughts on the Boltshot? I’m personally fine with where it stands currently, but I’m not opposed to having the Boltshot patched in some fashion.

Leave your thoughts on H3AsiiM‘s video!

– Chief Landless