Halo 4 Competitive Gaming Bundle (XBOX 360 Wired) Unboxing! (Halo 4 Scuf Controller)

Since I post things related to Halo whether it’s Halo news, content, discussions, etc… so I thought I’d share my latest addition to my Halo paraphernalia. My very first @ScufGaming controller.

So here is an un-boxing of the Halo 4 Competitive Gaming Bundle (XBOX 360 Wired). This controller features A/B paddles on the bottom, scuf grip texture on the back of the controller for extra grip, a regular concave Xbox left thumbstick, a doomed right thumbstick, and white out buttons. The bundle also comes with a Scuf t-shirt, Gamer Grip (a no sweat solution), and a mini scuf gaming lanyard.

– Chief Landless