Halo 2 PC Support Extended to June 2013

As previously mentioned 343 Industries had decided to shut down the Halo 2 PC Multiplayer servers on February 15th because of the dwindling population that still called those servers home. (Read Article Here)

Since the announcement, many Halo fans have been pouring into the Halo 2 servers to reminisce and get their last dosage of Halo 2 Multiplayer.

As of today, David Ellis, a designer for 343 Industries tweeted out some great news.  (view tweet source here)

And also directing thanks to community manager bsangel,

So Halo 2 PC servers have been since extended through to June 2013. This sparks the question about potential Halo 2 Anniversary rumors, because they stated that they’re investigating support options for the original, and why would they continue to support the original if a remake were to be in the works?

Until then Halo 2 PC support will last until June 2013 unless they figure out some options; perhaps trying to keep the servers open beyond June 2013.

– Chief Landless