Official Destiny Gameplay Reveal Video (HD) – Bungie Week: Day 2

Instead of the usual one day festivities that take place on Bungie Day, July 7th – the 7th day of the 7th month… they love the number 7. Bungie has decided to celebrate with Bungie Week.

Day 1: They announced some new avatars and profile signatures on to show the world your loyalty and years spent prowling the forums.

Day 2: Is where we are right now. After many requests Bungie has decided to reproduce their E3 Gameplay demo in 1080p high definition quality. Many E3 live stream viewers were treated to pixelated and sub-par HD quality and the broadcast was plagued with video and audio difficulties.

In this version, the fireteam follow the same paths with new commentary and minor differences, but otherwise the same gameplay we have seen before – just without any hiccups.

As a result my analysis of this demo still stands as is. Click here to watch it.


– Chief Landless