Get Your Voice in Halo 5 HUNT the TRUTH! #HUNTtheTRUTH

YOU have the opportunity to send your voice to be part of the Hunt the Truth podcast! In a future episode, Benjamin Giraud will review and listen to voice messages. Messages recorded by fans like you!

All you have to do is make a 15-20 second long audio message and get into character as an ordinary Unified Earth Government citizen – that means you don’t know about the events in the Halo video games or the novels. You will be in the dark just as Ben is.

Choose a character type:

  1. People who support Ben in his hunt. You have questions about MC, ONI, and what the government is trying to hide.
  2. People who love the Master Chief and don’t appreciate Ben poking around with his research. “Leave the hero alone!”
  3. People who reveling in the anarchy – You think this whole investigation is a total joke.

Record and upload a 15-20 second voice message to YouTube. Set the video as “Unlisted” (NOT private). Submit the unlisted video URL to before April 27th 11:59pm Pacific.

Feel free to say that Chief Canuck sent you. Good luck!