Halo 5 HUNT the TRUTH – Episode 5 OUT OF TIME #HUNTtheTRUTH

Halo 5 HUNT the TRUTH – Episode 5 OUT OF TIME #HUNTtheTRUTH

A visit deep inside ONI branch headquarters brings unexpected results. A voice from the past returns. And an in-flight incident sparks a flame that can’t be put out.

Halo 5 HUNT the TRUTH breakdown of Benjamin Giraud’s audio log Episode 5 – Out Of Time. Benjamin is called into ONI’s head office in Boston and is confronted by Michael Sullivan. Benjamin briefly interviews Franklin Mendez, who personally trained every spartan including John in the Spartan II and Spartan III programs. Benjamin is then fired and sent back home where he crosses paths with the fake Jacob Walker on the flight home. After confronting Walker, being sedated, awaking at home to a 50,000 cR fine, and discovering that he recorded the actions while he was sedated Ben doesn’t send ONI his raw files and embarks on telling the true story of the Master Chief.

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