Halo 5 Platinum REQ Packs! Are they worth it? Should you buy them? No

Halo 5 now has Platinum REQ Packs, let’s find out if they’re worth buy. Short answer: No.

You’re better off buying 2 Gold REQ packs for the REQ point price of 1 Platinum REQ pack. I feel that 343 Industries needs to re-work the Platinum packs to justify the price. Rewards need to be increased instead of offering fewer rewards with a better chance of higher rarity items.

Update: Platinum Packs have now proved to be worthwhile, that is, if you’ve already completed your REQ collection in Halo 5: Guardians.

If you’re still grinding to complete your unlocks, stick to Gold REQ Packs.

If you’re grinding to reach the max Spartan rank in Halo 5, and you have everything unlocked, then these packs are great as they will grant you a lot of XP boosts that you’ll definitely need.