Halo 4 Let’s Play – The End, Welcome Home John

Here it is, the final mission in Halo 4’s Campaign, Midnight, and the Epilogue for Halo 4. This can only mean one thing, that my let’s play/play-through/walkthrough of Halo 4’s Campaign is unfortunately over with.

For those who don’t know, I was recording myself playing the campaign with no prior knowledge, on Normal difficulty, with a webcam to record my reactions. It’s was meant to be a fun, entertaining, and casual series on my channel.

As a result, you can see my reactions to the final scene in Halo 4 between Master Chief and Cortana, over the incredible sad but amazing soundtrack entitled “Green and Blue” (evidently, for a reason).

What were your reactions to the final scene with Master Chief and Cortana? What about the Didact, do you believe he is gone?

Click here for my brief thoughts on the Campaign ending (Warning: Contains Spoilers) 

I found the ending of the campaign to be extremely powerful and full of emotion (as you can evidently see). I understand why 343 did what they had to do in order to fulfill their statement that their Reclaimer trilogy would be darker and dive deeper into Master Chief’s personality. I do not believe the Didact is gone, and I’d like to think the same about Cortana. If she wasn’t 100% back in Halo 5 or Halo 6 I would be okay with that, but if she is completely gone forever Master Chief needs to rapidly change as a character and begin revealing himself. They did a great job showing Master Chief’s internal struggle, and we got to see him talk more than the previous 3 Halo games all together.
In the end, only time will tell.

Welcome Home John, and good bye Cortana.

– Chief Landless