50,000 XP for Halo 4 (Waypoint Code) & LASO Emblem

Hi there, once again we have a code for XP in Halo 4. With this code you get 50,000 XP and the LASO Emblem for Halo 4.

Unfortunately this one comes with a catch, you must complete the campaign on Legendary with All Skulls On. You can do this in Co-Op, which would and will be much easier on your blood pressure.

50k xp and laso emblemlaso emblem

You can enter the code via the Xbox and launching Halo Waypoint and entering the classified section or you can enter the code on your computer here (much easier)

Here’s a guide on how to enter the code to earn the unlocks, provided you meet the requirements.

4 thoughts on “50,000 XP for Halo 4 (Waypoint Code) & LASO Emblem

  1. Does the challlenge require all 12 skulls or just the typical 9 as used in Reach LASO. What skulls are needed?

    • You could be correct. Try it out and see if it works, would love to hear the results šŸ™‚

  2. You need all 13 Skulls on for Laso Shouldn’t be too hard a run I managed to do two legendary Solo Runs in under 8 hours game play time (not in one sitting fuck that for a bag of Apples) I’m considering doing this Co-op so its a little quicker just need to find a partner now !

  3. I forgot to mention You must be connected to XboxLlive at ALL TIMES during your Laso run otherwise Waypoint won’t have record of you doing them and you’ll have to do every level again because Laso isn’t in your commendations because in reality its just legendary so you can just check on what you missed. just wanted to warn you guys of that its the reason I had to do two runs of legendary to unlock my Armour and that sucked it would be Awful having to do two Laso runs. Good Luck!

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