How to view your Halo 4 CSR Rank on the Xbox


Hi there, H3AsiiM made a video to show you all how to check your CSR (Competitive Skill Rank) in Halo 4 via the Xbox’s HaloWaypoint App. This is for all players who don’t have a smart phone or a computer next to their gaming console. Unfortunately in order to check your CSR via the Xbox you must exit the game, where as other devices that support HaloWaypoint App (smartphones and computers) don’t require this. The CSR system just went live as of April 8th and you can find more details here.

– Chief Landless


50,000 XP for Halo 4 (Waypoint Code) & LASO Emblem

Hi there, once again we have a code for XP in Halo 4. With this code you get 50,000 XP and the LASO Emblem for Halo 4.

Unfortunately this one comes with a catch, you must complete the campaign on Legendary with All Skulls On. You can do this in Co-Op, which would and will be much easier on your blood pressure.

50k xp and laso emblemlaso emblem

You can enter the code via the Xbox and launching Halo Waypoint and entering the classified section or you can enter the code on your computer here (much easier)

Here’s a guide on how to enter the code to earn the unlocks, provided you meet the requirements.