Xbox One Upload Studio – How to Upload Xbox One Videos to YouTube (Xbox One DVR)

In this video I show you how to record with the new Xbox One built in DVR and then Upload the recordings to YouTube. Currently there is no direct sharing option from Xbox One to YouTube – this will become available sometime in 2014. Once recorded and edited you can even upload them to your SkyDrive account which allows you to download them onto your computer and then upload to websites like YouTube. You can do this all for free using the Xbox One DVR and the Upload Studio app.

Xbox One Upload Studio – How to Record on Xbox One (Xbox One Built in DVR)

In this video I show you how to record with the new Xbox One built in DVR. You can record any Xbox One game you want with voice commands (or your controller) and then share them with your friends or followers. You can even upload them to your SkyDrive account which allows you to download them onto your computer and then upload to websites like YouTube. You can do this all for free using the Xbox One DVR and the Upload Studio app.

Halo Wars 2 A Possibility?

Check out this video by ForgeWorldMaps, where he breaks down an interview with IGN and Phil Spencer and the topic of Halo Wars comes up in discussion.

“[Halo Wars is] something I’m very interested in. Bonnie [Ross, 343 Industries GM] and I talk about it quite a bit,” … “And especially now, when I think about some of the capability,” … “when I think about some voice and other things that you could add to that, that’s the kind of gameplay that I think would be great in those scenarios. And also a game that maybe I could play on multiple devices: I could play on Windows as well, I could play on console, because it has that gameplay that lends itself so well to that. So I suspect you’ll see us do something with…they’re kind of busy right now at 343, which is good, we’re really happy with what they’re working on. But I think there is opportunity for us to do something more with that franchise and Bonnie, Kiki [Wolfkill, 343 executive producer], and Josh [Holmes, creative director] are doing a great job in thinking holistically about the Halo franchise.”

They seem to like the idea, and don’t flat out deny the possibility. But they acknowledge that 343 Industries is already busy at the moment producing the next Halo game. Phil Spencer also adds that playing a game like Halo Wars on multiple devices (i.e. Windows PCs, maybe tablets, and on console) could be possible. The RTS genre fits well with PC, as seen by many Ensemble Studios (the developers of Halo Wars; which has since been shutdown) games – but Halo Wars never made an appearance on the PC platform. Could they follow Halo: Spartan Assault’s footsteps and if they do make a sequel, release it on multiple Windows platforms overtime? Who knows.

Check out the interview by IGN here –

Would you like to see a sequel for Halo Wars?

Xbox One Smartglass Apps Now available (Windows, iOS, & Android)


The Xbox One SmartGlass companion app is now available for Windows computers, Windows Phones, iOS devices, and Android devices.

You also get an early look at the new Xbox One Challenges, similar to Achievements (but not replacing them), they’re time specific challenges for you to complete for bragging rights. Also the new Friend/Follower system has been activated on Xbox Smartglass so go ahead and begin to sort your friends list, add gamertags to a list of favorites, and begin following your favorite gamers. With the launch of Xbox One the friends list cap is increased to 1000 gamertags. You can follow people and if they follow back, you become friends.


Windows Computers:

Windows Phone:

iOS Devices (iPhone/iPad):

Android Devices:

Destiny Beta Comes First to PS3 & PS4

During the PlayStation 4 Launch event Bungie aired an exclusive trailer and announced that the Destiny Beta will be available first to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 Players.

To get access to the Destiny Beta you must pre-order from participating retailers and you will recieve an access code to then enter at Bungie had announced at this years E3 that PlayStation gamers would receive some “exclusive content”.

Here’s a slightly alternative version of the trailer uploaded to the Bungie YouTube channel shortly after the livestream event.

– Chief

XBOX ONE/XBOX 360 Halo: Spartan Assault Achievements

Halo: Spartan Assault is coming to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 this December with a new online Co-op mode that brings back a familiar enemy – the Flood. Below is the list of achievements for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Which is interesting that Xbox One Achievements are worth double in comparison to the Xbox 360 list. The original achievements from the Windows 8 platform are making the move to the consoles along with some brand new achievements for co-op and 2 exclusive Xbox One achievements.

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Halo 4 Guilty Spark Emblem Unlock


Halo 4’s first birthday is around the corner! If you’re playing Spartan Ops or War Games Online on November 6th 2013 you will unlock the unreleased Guilty Spark emblem!

*UPDATE! 343 Industries has said that the Guilty Spark Emblem will be released to those who did play online November 6th 2013 in a few weeks. No set date.

Next week is Halo 4’s first birthday! Over the course of the past 12 months, millions of players have played Halo 4. Whether you spent your time in Matchmaking, Forge, Theater, Campaign, Spartan Ops, or elsewhere, we’d like to say thank you for playing our game. In fact, along with thanking you, we’d also like to give you a teeny-tiny-in-game-gift. All players who complete a game in War Games or Spartan Ops matchmaking on November 6th, 2013 will earn the Guilty Spark emblem.

Emblem Unlock

This emblem has not yet been released in Halo 4, and we hope that you hop online with some friends to celebrate the birthday of our first game and also snag a rare emblem. After, you can rock the emblem proudly and brag to your friends about how you attended the birthday party, and they did not. We’ve got also got some Matchmaking fun in the form of a 24-hour playlist planned for this special day, so keep an eye on Halo Waypoint for all the details.

– Chief