50,000 XP for Halo 4 (Silentium Waypoint Code #2)


Hi there, back again with another Halo 4 Waypoint Code, this time this code gives you 50,000 XP for Halo 4, has no requirements, and unlocks a Halo Waypoint video and a new emblem (Overachiever Emblem).


So go ahead and enter this code into the Classified section on Waypoint or via Halo Waypoint on the Xbox.

– Chief Landless


Halo 4 Post-PAX East Q&A! The Halo Bulletin 3.28.13

Hi there, back again with this weeks bulletin. Sorry for the late post, Destiny news took up my time and then Forge Island came out unexpectedly earlier today so… I’ve been busy. Not much in the way of news from this weeks bulletin, as 343 just wrapped up their events at PAX East over in Boston. They have a Q&A instead of the normal bulletin format, which will return next week. The Halo Bulletin 3.28.13!

PAX East Q&A

Bulletin Divider

Are there any plans to further support Halo 4 after the next title update?

We intend to support Halo 4 through Matchmaking, events, essential fixes and playlist design for a long time to come – and while there are no announced map packs after Castle releases later this spring, we have some cool ideas about future content and support that we’re tinkering with right now.

Will Multi-Team be 4 teams of 3? What game types will be included in that playlist?

Multi-Team, which launches with the Castle Map Pack, will consist of six teams of two. A couple of the modes that you can expect at launch are Slayer and Oddball. Who knows… maybe we’ll throw SWAT in there as well.

Can we expect to see some universal balance changes applied to the default game settings?
–D34D D34D D34D

Yes. You can expect to see global tweaks to the sandbox much like the adjustment of the Boltshot in the previous title update and the Warthog’s Gauss cannon in this one.

What weapon balancing is being considered right now?

We’re constantly keeping an eye on the overall state of the game and its sandbox. We’ll let you know more as soon as we can.

Is the TU weapon manipulation focused solely on damage and rate of fire or are there more variables that can be changed: Aim assist, bullet magnetism, bloom, spread, recoil, etc.?

We have several knobs that we can use when it comes to weapon tuning, a few being auto-aim, projectile accuracy and rate of fire.

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Halo 4’s Forge Island is NOW AVAILABLE!

This weeks Halo Bulletin stated that the latest Halo 4 Forge Environment Map, Forge Island, was ahead of schedule.

The initial launch date when they announced it was April 11th, 2013. But, to our surprise, Forge Island is available as of today March 29th, 2013!

It is free to download and has a few new pieces to forge with, including some new rocks, trees, and green screens!

Here’s my not so secret video that I made using the in-game green screen object. Which, works much better on screenshots than videos. But still awesome!

– Chief Landless


Destiny Character Development Video: Guardians and Enemies

Bungie held a panel at this years GDC (Game Developers Conference) and talked a little bit about Destiny’s development process. Mainly focused on the world, feel, and some characters that will be in the game. At the end they wrapped up by showing this video. A character development video showing some of the enemies (Vex, Cabal, Fallen, Hive, etc…) and the Guardian classes we will get to pick from (so far, their may be more): Titan, Hunter, and Warlock.

I will be breaking down some information from the panel and deliviring it to you in an easily digestible format (list/video breakdown) in the coming days.

Until then, enjoy the video!

– Chief Landless


CSR Launch Date Announced!

bsangel confirmed via twitter and gave us a cut and dry list of dates for items to come after the Halo 4 panel at PAX East.

April 8th, 2013

  • Castle Map Pack
  • CSR (Competitive Skill Rank)
  • Multi-Team Playlist

Within 1-2 Weeks

  • Title Update 1.04

April 11th, 2013

  • Forge Island for FREE

– Chief Landless


Halo 4 Forge Island Gameplay Footage

  • Forge Island is a brand new Forge environment releasing on April 11th for FREE
  • Forge Island is a HUGE flat land map, there are three areas, one large flat area, one medium flat area and a small flat area, the whole map has a ton of space in the sky
  • The maps aesthetics is extremely similar to Ravine, an on-disc Forge environment
  • The largest island on Forge Island is big enough to have a Hang ‘Em High remake and a Blood Gulch remake (multiple times over!)


Found some more off camera footage via IGN

– Chief Landless


PAX East 2013 Halo 4 Panel Video & Recap

Thanks to PodtacTV for providing us the entire panel video before Halo Waypoint has even uploaded theirs.

The panel discussed many specific multiplayer news in regards to Halo 4. Here’s the breakdown if you can’t watch the entire 1 hour panel video:

Competitive Skill Ranking

  • You will have a 1-50 ranking in every single playlist, including Grifball!
  • CSR is still exclusive to Halo Waypoint – shows up on the Xbox & Website!
  • CSR rank will show up along side your matchmaking history on Halo Waypoint
  • If you haven’t played a playlist, you will won’t have a rank compared to previous Halo’s where you were automatically a rank 1
  • CSR may be reset after a long period of time to prevent account selling and ‘rank locking’, similar to Arena from Halo: Reach
  • UPDATE: CSR will launch April 8th, 2013 (Source bsangel twitter)

Forge & Forge Island

  • Forge Island is a brand new Forge environment releasing on April 11th for FREE
  • Forge Island is a HUGE flat land map, there are three areas, one large flat area, one medium flat area and a small flat area, the whole map has a ton of space in the sky
  • The maps aesthetics is extremely similar to Ravine, an on-disc Forge environment
  • The largest island on Forge Island is big enough to have a Hang ‘Em High remake and a Blood Gulch remake (multiple times over!)
  • No planned improvements for Forge such as Precision Editing, focus going into future titles for Forge

Title Update

  • The Title Update is expected to be released within the next two weeks
  • The panel had a video displaying what the Title Update can do, for example, an Incineration cannon that does no damage while the
    rest of the weapon sandbox goes untouched – these changes can be applied universally or singularly
  • Other changes that the new TU will allow is damage changes, rate of fire changes. Which can also be directed towards vehicles and adjusting their weapons.
  • Weapon descoping will not be happening
  • Hold X to pick up the Flag isn’t being discussed, but it possible
  • A DMR rebalance is being looked at

Matchmaking Updates & Changes

  • Multi-Team will be returning on April 8th with the Castle Map Pack. SIX teams of TWO setup
  • Fiesta in Team Action Sack will be getting tweaked in the future
  • Legendary Slayer is a Throwdown & Infinity mix with competitive in mind, it’ll feature tweaked weapons and is launching in late Spring/early Summer

Images of Forge World and CSR

– Chief Landless


PAX East, Community Forge FFA Playlist, Title Update 1.04! The Halo Bulletin 3.20.13


Hi there, Chief Landless here, back once again breaking down and highlighting this weeks Halo Bulletin. As always you can read it here, but lets get onto the highlights!

PAX East Attendees:

  • Thursday, 6pm-12am – Mad Catz Unveiled
    • Exclusive private party with hands on preview of upcoming Halo 4 multiplayer content (winners invited to this pre-PAX event were announced in the bulletin… wish I had known about this sooner, lucky them)
  • Friday 5-6pm – Halo 4 Multiplayer: Past, Present, & Future Panel
    • Play Castle Map pack on the convention floor
    • Hear from Kevin Franklin, Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky, Jessica Shea (bsangel), and Burnie Burns from Rooster Teeth
  • Friday – Sunday 10am-6pm – PAX East Floor Experience
    • Play the Castle Map Pack early!
    • Daily Majestic Themed FFA competition. Last person standing wins a GAEMS Halo UNSC Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment. (One competition per day!)
    • Also giving away a GAEMS via twitter during their usual Friday HaloWaypoint Twitter giveaways

Matchmaking Update – March 25th

  • Spartan Ops Encore Episode 9
  • Majestic FFA Playlist replaced by Community Forge FFA Playlist
    • Maps (download them via the links & check them out early):
    • This playlist will last for a little while before changing into the finalized FFA playlist with on-disc maps, Majestic DLC, and some of the above forge maps.
  • Team Throwdown Playlist will be updating from v2 settings to v3 settings
    • Team Slayer on Haven, Monolith, Skyline, Abandon, Shutout, Simplex
    • CTF on Simplex, Adrift, Skyline, Monolith
    • King of the Hill on Monolith and Haven
    • Extraction on Dispatch and Adrift
    • Oddball on Skyline
  • Doubles Pro settings will replace “Deluxe” Settings and converted to 4v4 in Team Throwdown.
  • Lightning CTF will be added to Action Sack Playlist
    • Lightning CTF is a fast-paced game mode in which players start with LightRifles, the Flag is transported on the Flag carrier’s back, and one shot anywhere on the body will kill. I suggest you start training with a ridiculously high sensitivity and LightRifle loadout immediately. 

That is it for this weeks bulletin, the sneak peak information in regards to the next title update (1.04) is located here in another post.

– Chief Landless


Halo 4 Title Update 1.04


This weeks Halo Bulletin gave us a sneak peak into some of the upcoming fixes with the next Halo 4 Title Update, which is presumably expected to launch around the Castle Map Pack Release (April 8th, 2013)

Here are some of the features in the next title update:

  • Enabled “X-Markers” on the HUD to designate when and where teammates are killed.
  • Updated Active Camo to fully reveal players when they fire all weapons.
  • Reduced the auto aim, magnetism and damage on the Gauss Warthog.
  • Fixed an issue in which some players at SR-130 did not see their Specialization on their in-game Player Card.
  • Fixed various issues with ordnance navigation markers.
  • Fixed various join-in-progress issues with Flood.
  • Added the ability to make weapon adjustments via backend tuning.

– Chief Landless


Halo 4 Castle Map Pack – Daybreak Walkthrough by IGN


IGN is back here once again with their third and final installment of their 3 walkthroughs for the upcoming Halo 4 Castle Map Pack. Here we have a look at the map Daybreak. Links to the other two map walkthroughs, Perdition and Outcast will be linked below the video

Watch their previous Halo 4 Castle Map Pack walkthrough video on the map Outcast.

Watch their previous Halo 4 Castle Map Pack walkthrough video on the map Perdition.

– Chief Landless