PAX East, Community Forge FFA Playlist, Title Update 1.04! The Halo Bulletin 3.20.13


Hi there, Chief Landless here, back once again breaking down and highlighting this weeks Halo Bulletin. As always you can read it here, but lets get onto the highlights!

PAX East Attendees:

  • Thursday, 6pm-12am – Mad Catz Unveiled
    • Exclusive private party with hands on preview of upcoming Halo 4 multiplayer content (winners invited to this pre-PAX event were announced in the bulletin… wish I had known about this sooner, lucky them)
  • Friday 5-6pm – Halo 4 Multiplayer: Past, Present, & Future Panel
    • Play Castle Map pack on the convention floor
    • Hear from Kevin Franklin, Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky, Jessica Shea (bsangel), and Burnie Burns from Rooster Teeth
  • Friday – Sunday 10am-6pm – PAX East Floor Experience
    • Play the Castle Map Pack early!
    • Daily Majestic Themed FFA competition. Last person standing wins a GAEMS Halo UNSC Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment. (One competition per day!)
    • Also giving away a GAEMS via twitter during their usual Friday HaloWaypoint Twitter giveaways

Matchmaking Update – March 25th

  • Spartan Ops Encore Episode 9
  • Majestic FFA Playlist replaced by Community Forge FFA Playlist
    • Maps (download them via the links & check them out early):
    • This playlist will last for a little while before changing into the finalized FFA playlist with on-disc maps, Majestic DLC, and some of the above forge maps.
  • Team Throwdown Playlist will be updating from v2 settings to v3 settings
    • Team Slayer on Haven, Monolith, Skyline, Abandon, Shutout, Simplex
    • CTF on Simplex, Adrift, Skyline, Monolith
    • King of the Hill on Monolith and Haven
    • Extraction on Dispatch and Adrift
    • Oddball on Skyline
  • Doubles Pro settings will replace “Deluxe” Settings and converted to 4v4 in Team Throwdown.
  • Lightning CTF will be added to Action Sack Playlist
    • Lightning CTF is a fast-paced game mode in which players start with LightRifles, the Flag is transported on the Flag carrier’s back, and one shot anywhere on the body will kill. I suggest you start training with a ridiculously high sensitivity and LightRifle loadout immediately. 

That is it for this weeks bulletin, the sneak peak information in regards to the next title update (1.04) is located here in another post.

– Chief Landless


Action Sack, Team Fiesta, & More! The Halo Bulletin: 3.6.13


Here’s this weeks Halo Waypoint Bulletin! Looks like their introducing some nifty graphics into it so go and check it out! Also they have segment where they interview Greg Bear, author of Cryptum, Primordium and the soon-to-be-released Silentium. All can be read here, but on to the highlights!

March 11th, 2013

  • Spartan Ops Encore of Episode 7
  • Team Action Sack Playlist
    • 4 vs. 4 Playlist
    • Binary Slayer
      • Decreased Gravity, Speed, Sniping and thruster packs. IGN showcased it in December
    • Lightning CTF
      • Lightrifle – one shot anywhere kills. 5 second Respawn, touch flag return, no motion sensor. Flag carrier keeps Lightrifle out while running the flag.
    • Rockets & Rails
      • Rocket Launchers, Railguns, and Jet Packs.
    • Team Fiesta
      • Random Weapons. Expect to be killed by everything from the Halo 4 sandbox in one game.
    • And more to come! Even by Monday (March 11th)!

They are also working finalizing the FFA playlist to incorporate both Infinity Rumble and Rumble pro along with specifically tuned Majestic DLC map variants.

They also stated they are actively working on a “BTB Objective” like playlist. No set date.

That’s all folks!

– Chief Landless