Halo 4 Castle Map Pack – Perdition Walkthrough by IGN


IGN is back here once again with their second of three installments of their walkthroughs for the upcoming Halo 4 Castle Map Pack. Here we have a look at the map Perdition. Expect one more videos in the coming days walking us through the last map in the Castle Map Pack; Daybreak.

Watch their previous Halo 4 Castle Map Pack walkthrough video on the map Outcast.

– Chief Landless


20,000 XP for Halo 4 (Silentium Waypoint Code)


Hi there, back again with another Halo 4 Waypoint Code, this time this code gives you 20,000 XP for Halo 4, has no requirements, and unlocks a Halo Waypoint video by the name of “Rebirth”

20k sillentium WaypointCode

So go ahead and enter this code into the Classified section on Waypoint or via Halo Waypoint on the Xbox.

ForgeWorldMaps shows you how to enter the code here

– Chief Landless



Halo 4 Castle Map Pack – Outcast Walkthrough by IGN


IGN is back here once again with their first of three installments of their walkthroughs for the upcoming Halo 4 Castle Map Pack. Here we have a look at the map Outcast. Expect two more videos in the coming days walking us through the remaining 2 other maps in the Castle Map Pack (in no particular order, Perdition and Daybreak).

– Chief Landless


Halo 4 Team Action Sack Playlist Thoughts/Impressions

I thought I’d share my recent Halo 4 commentary expressing my thoughts on the Halo 4 Team Action Sack Playlist. Please note that this was recorded as of March 14th as this playlist is expected to receive some additions with future updates.

In this video I share my thoughts on the 3 current game types in the playlist: Binary Slayer, Rockets & Rails, and Fiesta.

I hope you enjoy the video!

– Chief Landless


ONE SHOT ON MY X! The Halo Bulletin: 3.13.13

2823517-web_carousel_main (1)

This weeks Halo Bulletin is quite brief, but it lays the frame work for things to come. You can read it here, but onto the highlights!

  • No more Weekly Playlist Updates. Moving to bi-weekly updates (Next update will be March 25th)
  • Castle Map Pack Trailer was released (click here to watch)
    • 3 new Multiplayer maps for Halo 4
      • Perdition, Outcast, Daybreak
      • 800 Microsoft points (or “free” to War Games Map Pass owners)
      • April 8th, 2013 release
  • March 18th – Studio producers will release their map pack coverage videos
  • March 22nd – Castle Map Pack featured in a panel and playable at PAX East in Boston
  • March 25th – Next playlist update: Adding more game variants to Team Action Sack Playlist
  • April 1st – Castle Map Pack Strategy videos by 343 Industries, Achievement list, and pre-launch livestream with 343.
  • April 8th – Castle Map Pack release

Now onto those items without a specific date:

  • Upcoming updates to many existing playlists to prepare for CSR launch sometime in April
  • Still finalizing the new FFA playlist
  • Working towards “how to bring objective game types to larger parties” (hint: Big Team Objective perhaps?)
  • Plenty of exclusive PAX East panel information
  • “X Marker” upon death will be returning. i.e. a “X” indicator will appear where your teammates have recently killed so you can shout “ONE SHOT ON MY X!!”

They also added some details to the 3 maps for the Castle Map Pack


Daybreak: Although it is currently being used as a military staging ground, this fertile world will one day be colonized.

Description: Operation: Daybreak is effectively a cluster of ONI research facilities and sensor relays residing in the vast highlands of Saviron, on the blue-green planet Oban. With the destruction of so many worlds at the hands of the Covenant, this planet is now undergoing preparations to make it a home for millions of human refugees. In the meantime, the UNSC Navy continues to use it as a key staging ground for a number of highly classified military exercises.


Outcast: Dissident strongholds such as this one helped foment several anti-centralization movements.

Description: One of the few worlds left unscathed by the Covenant, the remote outer colony of Talitsa has always had a strong anti-centralization and pro-colonial autonomy sentiment, even since before the war. The UNSC halted several early political uprisings in the colony’s major population centers, but this only fostered a more radical form of dissent, now in the form of secluded and heavily armed redoubts. Ultimately, these sites would provide the foundation for a number of major political movements.


Perdition: City-wide evacuation orders have confirmed that the unstable thermal reactor cannot be contained.

Description: New Carthage has always been a prime example of a healthy, growing colony, even since before the war. Hidden below the city of Pilvros, however, one of the thermal reactors which provided clean and safe energy in the past has now gone critical. While a large-scale evacuation effort is underway, scans of the reactor section are quickly acquired to help analysts determine the root cause of this impending disaster.

– Chief Landless


Halo 4 Castle Map Pack Trailer

  • 3 Medium to large size multiplayer maps (in no particular order):
    • Perdition
    • Outcast
    • Daybreak
  • April 8th, 2013 Release date
  • 800 Microsoft Points (or “free” with the War Games Map Pass)
  • 9 New multiplayer achievements totally 250 Gamerscore

“343 Industries today announced the third major expansion in the Halo Infinity Multiplayer experience, the Castle Map Pack, launching Monday, April 8. Developed by Certain Affinity, in collaboration with 343 Industries, the Castle Map Pack brings players three medium-to-large, stunning maps that emphasize vehicular warfare and large battles over open spaces, where team strategy is key to successfully conquering the battlefield.

Daybreak places you amidst military facilities, against the backdrop of an idyllic mountain range, while Outcast plunges you into the natural tunnels and arches of a secluded rebel outpost. Perdition takes players into the heart of an urban battleground, where tactical speed and situational awareness are essential to achieving victory. The Castle Map pack provides 9 new Achievements worth a total of 250 Gamerscore.”

– Chief Landless


Mega Bloks Unveils 2 New Halo Vehicles

Mega Bloks sent out a promotional email headlining some new Halo products this coming fall. Included were two previously never seen Halo vehicles. Now Mega Bloks has followed the Halo lore to the teeth when it comes to their toys, accurately depicting characters and vehicles from multiple Halo games; from Halo CE, to Halo Wars, all the way to Halo 4.

Many are speculating that these vehicles may appear as DLC to Halo 4 (perhaps along with Spartan Ops Season 2, which still hasn’t announced as either DLC or bundled with Halo 5).  Or, these vehicles may appear in a future Halo title, i.e., Halo 5 or 6. Or, there’s always the other option that these vehicles may never appear. Which is highly unlikely as why would a company decide (out of the blue) to create whatever they want when they’ve been accurately following the Halo lore for so long.

The UNSC Siege Bike

Halo Seige Bike

“ONI’s solution to single-manned rapid assault vehicles like the Covenant Ghost or Brute Chopper is none other than the UNSC Siege Bike. Positioned on a heavy-grade, all-terrain single traction tread, the Siege Bike can easily traverse challenging environments, reaching speeds of over 145kph (90mph) while maintaining incredible control and field dexterity. The forward-facing armor plate protects the operator while displaying intel for tactical information, as well as firing system controls.

The Siege Bike’s armament is a side-mounted heavy machine gun (M268 HMG) with spectrum-enhanced visual tracking functionality, designed specifically to target well-fortified enemy strongholds and barricades. The goal of the UNSC Siege Bike is simple yet brutal: Through the deployment of multiple, heavily armed and swift Siege Bikes, offensive assaults can form an unstoppable wall of firepower, quickly tearing through enemy defenses.”

The UNSC Light Assault VTOL

Halo Light Assault VTOL

In the vein of the Hornet and the Sparrowhawk, the UNSC Light Assault VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) craft is a heavily armed, full mobility combat flier designed to operate in confined environments, such as forests, cave interiors, or even a skyscraper-dense metropolis. Unlike the other UNSC VTOLs which often have limited push mobility due to their turbine placement, the Light Assault VTOL has three turbines, one of which is a rear-mounted thrust system that allows the vehicle to quickly and deftly navigate narrow spaces, as well as engage swift enemy fliers like the Covenant Banshee. Lightly armored and capable of carrying only a single pilot, the real benefit of this vehicle is its armament: Below its flanking turbines hang twin autocannons (GAU-10/A HAC) and a pair of rocket pods (M302 Class-1 GMLS), both of which are extremely competent arsenals when providing ground support or engaging in air-to-air combat.

I would personally love to see these vehicles in any video game form. Many fans were left with their heads hanging low when 343i confirmed there would be no UNSC flying vehicle.

– Chief Landless


Halo 4: Fishstick Tales – When Call of Duty Meets Halo

Well a friend of mine messaged me asking him to teach him how to play Halo.

It all began with 1 question. “Which layout do you use?”. He replied with “Fishstick”, the CoD like button layout that many believe to be a deliberate derogative term towards the Call of Duty players.

Regardless, I recorded our silly antics and this is the very first game we played. Needless to say, I’m glad and embarrassed that I was recording.


– Chief Landless


Action Sack, Team Fiesta, & More! The Halo Bulletin: 3.6.13


Here’s this weeks Halo Waypoint Bulletin! Looks like their introducing some nifty graphics into it so go and check it out! Also they have segment where they interview Greg Bear, author of Cryptum, Primordium and the soon-to-be-released Silentium. All can be read here, but on to the highlights!

March 11th, 2013

  • Spartan Ops Encore of Episode 7
  • Team Action Sack Playlist
    • 4 vs. 4 Playlist
    • Binary Slayer
      • Decreased Gravity, Speed, Sniping and thruster packs. IGN showcased it in December
    • Lightning CTF
      • Lightrifle – one shot anywhere kills. 5 second Respawn, touch flag return, no motion sensor. Flag carrier keeps Lightrifle out while running the flag.
    • Rockets & Rails
      • Rocket Launchers, Railguns, and Jet Packs.
    • Team Fiesta
      • Random Weapons. Expect to be killed by everything from the Halo 4 sandbox in one game.
    • And more to come! Even by Monday (March 11th)!

They are also working finalizing the FFA playlist to incorporate both Infinity Rumble and Rumble pro along with specifically tuned Majestic DLC map variants.

They also stated they are actively working on a “BTB Objective” like playlist. No set date.

That’s all folks!

– Chief Landless


Halo 4 Bird of Prey Achievement – Easy Unlock Glitch

So after many reports surfacing on the internet I decided to the test the theory that only 1 out of the 10 Majestic Map Pack Achievements for Halo 4 could be unlock through Custom Games instead of the usual DLC Matchmaking requirement.

Bird of PreyBird of Prey – 50 Gamerscore
In Majestic DLC matchmaking, perform 5 ‘airsassinations’.


Well, looks like there’s a glitch in the achievement matrix. No need for the blue or red pill. The Bird of Prey Achievement, which requires 5 air assassinations can be unlocked through Custom Games.

– Chief Landless