Mega Bloks Unveils 2 New Halo Vehicles

Mega Bloks sent out a promotional email headlining some new Halo products this coming fall. Included were two previously never seen Halo vehicles. Now Mega Bloks has followed the Halo lore to the teeth when it comes to their toys, accurately depicting characters and vehicles from multiple Halo games; from Halo CE, to Halo Wars, all the way to Halo 4.

Many are speculating that these vehicles may appear as DLC to Halo 4 (perhaps along with Spartan Ops Season 2, which still hasn’t announced as either DLC or bundled with Halo 5).  Or, these vehicles may appear in a future Halo title, i.e., Halo 5 or 6. Or, there’s always the other option that these vehicles may never appear. Which is highly unlikely as why would a company decide (out of the blue) to create whatever they want when they’ve been accurately following the Halo lore for so long.

The UNSC Siege Bike

Halo Seige Bike

“ONI’s solution to single-manned rapid assault vehicles like the Covenant Ghost or Brute Chopper is none other than the UNSC Siege Bike. Positioned on a heavy-grade, all-terrain single traction tread, the Siege Bike can easily traverse challenging environments, reaching speeds of over 145kph (90mph) while maintaining incredible control and field dexterity. The forward-facing armor plate protects the operator while displaying intel for tactical information, as well as firing system controls.

The Siege Bike’s armament is a side-mounted heavy machine gun (M268 HMG) with spectrum-enhanced visual tracking functionality, designed specifically to target well-fortified enemy strongholds and barricades. The goal of the UNSC Siege Bike is simple yet brutal: Through the deployment of multiple, heavily armed and swift Siege Bikes, offensive assaults can form an unstoppable wall of firepower, quickly tearing through enemy defenses.”

The UNSC Light Assault VTOL

Halo Light Assault VTOL

In the vein of the Hornet and the Sparrowhawk, the UNSC Light Assault VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) craft is a heavily armed, full mobility combat flier designed to operate in confined environments, such as forests, cave interiors, or even a skyscraper-dense metropolis. Unlike the other UNSC VTOLs which often have limited push mobility due to their turbine placement, the Light Assault VTOL has three turbines, one of which is a rear-mounted thrust system that allows the vehicle to quickly and deftly navigate narrow spaces, as well as engage swift enemy fliers like the Covenant Banshee. Lightly armored and capable of carrying only a single pilot, the real benefit of this vehicle is its armament: Below its flanking turbines hang twin autocannons (GAU-10/A HAC) and a pair of rocket pods (M302 Class-1 GMLS), both of which are extremely competent arsenals when providing ground support or engaging in air-to-air combat.

I would personally love to see these vehicles in any video game form. Many fans were left with their heads hanging low when 343i confirmed there would be no UNSC flying vehicle.

– Chief Landless