Halo 4 Post-PAX East Q&A! The Halo Bulletin 3.28.13

Hi there, back again with this weeks bulletin. Sorry for the late post, Destiny news took up my time and then Forge Island came out unexpectedly earlier today so… I’ve been busy. Not much in the way of news from this weeks bulletin, as 343 just wrapped up their events at PAX East over in Boston. They have a Q&A instead of the normal bulletin format, which will return next week. The Halo Bulletin 3.28.13!

PAX East Q&A

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Are there any plans to further support Halo 4 after the next title update?

We intend to support Halo 4 through Matchmaking, events, essential fixes and playlist design for a long time to come – and while there are no announced map packs after Castle releases later this spring, we have some cool ideas about future content and support that we’re tinkering with right now.

Will Multi-Team be 4 teams of 3? What game types will be included in that playlist?

Multi-Team, which launches with the Castle Map Pack, will consist of six teams of two. A couple of the modes that you can expect at launch are Slayer and Oddball. Who knows… maybe we’ll throw SWAT in there as well.

Can we expect to see some universal balance changes applied to the default game settings?
–D34D D34D D34D

Yes. You can expect to see global tweaks to the sandbox much like the adjustment of the Boltshot in the previous title update and the Warthog’s Gauss cannon in this one.

What weapon balancing is being considered right now?

We’re constantly keeping an eye on the overall state of the game and its sandbox. We’ll let you know more as soon as we can.

Is the TU weapon manipulation focused solely on damage and rate of fire or are there more variables that can be changed: Aim assist, bullet magnetism, bloom, spread, recoil, etc.?

We have several knobs that we can use when it comes to weapon tuning, a few being auto-aim, projectile accuracy and rate of fire.

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