No Theater Mode for Campaign or Spartan Ops

Unfortunately I have the be the bearer of bad news. 343 Industries did state in a bulletin following the early weeks of Halo 4’s launch answering questions, and one of them was asking if they had any plans to have Theater Mode support for Halo 4’s Campaign and/or Spartan Ops.

As of January 23rd, 2013 bs angel confirmed the bad news that at this point they have no plans to implement Theater mode support for Campaign or Spartan Ops. This does not rule it out completely, but it definitely rules it out for the time being. This is a sad day for many people who enjoy the artistic side of making machinimas or screenshots and for those who enjoy sharing those awesome moments, or moments you aren’t proud of but still can’t help sharing. I’m talking about you fails of the weak.


– Chief Landless


Halo 4 Let’s Play – The End, Welcome Home John

Here it is, the final mission in Halo 4’s Campaign, Midnight, and the Epilogue for Halo 4. This can only mean one thing, that my let’s play/play-through/walkthrough of Halo 4’s Campaign is unfortunately over with.

For those who don’t know, I was recording myself playing the campaign with no prior knowledge, on Normal difficulty, with a webcam to record my reactions. It’s was meant to be a fun, entertaining, and casual series on my channel.

As a result, you can see my reactions to the final scene in Halo 4 between Master Chief and Cortana, over the incredible sad but amazing soundtrack entitled “Green and Blue” (evidently, for a reason).

What were your reactions to the final scene with Master Chief and Cortana? What about the Didact, do you believe he is gone?

Click here for my brief thoughts on the Campaign ending (Warning: Contains Spoilers)  Continue reading

Halo 4 – How to Fly a Pelican on Reclaimer Mission in Campaign! Faster & Easier!

As the title says, this is a tutorial on how to fly a pelican on the mission Reclaimer (the one with the mammoth). The glitch has been updated and is no longer as difficult and now only requires 2 players to do so.

Thanks to ForgeWorldMaps and SomeFilthyCasuals for providing this video tutorial.

So try it out and I hope you enjoyed,

– Chief Landless


Halo 4 Let’s Play! – Ep 11. – LICH REDEMPTION

The latest episode in my Halo 4 Let’s Play. Come along for the journey with all the laughs, fails, tears, and wonder that is Halo 4. The series is already 11 episode in.

I hope you enjoy

Here’s Episode 1 if you want