Weapon Tuning Reveal Date! The Halo Bulletin: May 1st, 2013

As you probably know by now, we have been actively tuning some of the weapons in the Halo 4 sandbox. We are still regularly playtesting, and excited to say that we’re nearing the end of tweaking and tuning each weapon. At this point, we are happy to share several key items that we’re looking forward to in the schedule:

  • In the month of May, we’ll be inviting a small group of community members into the studio to get a sneak peak at the new weapon tuning. We are finalizing this list and will announce once we have done so.
  • We’ll also be bringing you a live stream that will allow everyone to check out some of the weapon tuning in action before the settings deploy globally. This live stream will feature insight and commentary from designers, as well as gameplay from community members and 343 staff. This live stream will give you a close look at how the newly tuned weapons behave alongside one another. Once the live stream is officially on the calendar, we’ll announce the date and time. The location, however, will absolutely be http://www.twitch.tv/343industries.
  • Before we go live, we’ll be detailing the final changes for each weapon on Halo Waypoint. This content will give you a detailed breakdown of what to expect when the tuning goes live.
  • Our final changes, once solidified, will go live across all Halo 4 playlists on Monday, June 3rd.

Now, onto the next Matchmaking update. This coming Monday, we’ll be adding quite a few maps into several existing playlists. These maps were showcased in our Community Forge Test and FFA Forge Test playlists, and have since been updated to provide new experiences across multiple game modes. Here’s what will be added and updated come Monday.

The following maps will be:

Added to SWAT 
Black Site by The Fated Fire, Plaza by Smexi Bilzo, & Shutout by SaLoT and NLTROOO

Added to Rumble Pit 
Black Site by The Fated Fire, Simplex by SaLoT, Scythe by PA1NTS, Serenity by DG Intensity, & Opus by SHIFTY time

Removed from Rumble Pit: 
Shutout by SaLoT and NLTROOO

Added to Team Objective 
Edifice by Redemption1271 (KoTH), & Plaza by Smexi Bilzo (KoTH), Serenity by DG Intensity (KoTH), Station 9 by SaLoT (KoTH), & Station 9 by SaLoT (Extraction)

Added to Infinity Slayer 
Assault by NLTROOO, Opus by SHIFTY time, Simplex by SaLoT, Scythe by PA1NTS, & Shutout by SaLoT

Added to Flood 
Black Site by The Fated Fire, Malice by AgentPaperCraft, & Serenity by DG Intensity

Team Snipers 
Shutout has been updated with improved respawn points for Team Snipers.

We have decided to remove Shutout (a remake of Halo 2’s Lockout) from the Rumble Pit playlist.

Other Matchmaking updates this week include removing the Grunt Birthday effect from Fiesta Classic (okay, we were getting tired of it too) in the Action Sack playlist, as well as fixing the underground tunnel respawn point on the map Settler. Lastly, we’ve updated several of the Grifball settings to reflect the correct community settings in regards to Base Player Damage, Grif Damage Resistance, Grif Shield Multiplier and Suicide Penalty.

Read the Bulletin here!

– Chief Landless