Now normally I wouldn’t make a post about this, but there are some STRONG rumors that surfaced on NeoGAF by a apparently “verified” user who works within the industry.

The user dropped a bunch of information, which as of now has yet to be confirmed or denied so keep that in mind. The user revealed that Halo 2 Anniversary would be coming out on November 11th, 2014 for Xbox One, along with the delay of Halo 5 for one year (to 2015). The user went on to say that there will be a Halo 5 beta included with Halo 2 Anniversary and that H2A will actually have two versions, with one of them including ports of Halo 3 and Halo 4 for Xbox One. This all seems to good to be true, I am slightly skeptical, but other credible NeoGAF users have flip-flopped over the user’s verification but have also stated that Microsoft is pursuing this guy for releasing trade secrets. Who knows at this point.

Below are snippets from the NeoGAF postings which continued to develop over time yesterday, but the thread has since been locked.

What has me excited right now is the revisiting of Halo. So later this year we’re gonna get Halo 2 Anniversary edition WITH ALL SORTS OF SH*T. On Xbox One. November 11th!

Halo 2 Anniversary Edition:

  • Halo 5 beta access
  • Halo real time show… think Forward Unto Dawn (not the Spielberg stuff)
  • Someone told me there was going to be an alternative f**king ending. <– I have zero info as to whether this is legitimate or not
  • Halo Anniversary 2 will be 1080p, iffy on the 60fps, maybe not.
  • Multiplayer confirmed for Halo 2 Anniversary, same devs as Halo Anniversary.

The post continued to develop with this update:

Question: wut? so Halo 5 next year.
Answer: Yes

Saber and Certain Affinity have been contracted again.

Let me reiterate some of the Halo stuff, as there is some confusion and I didn’t lay all the cards down.

Two versions of H2A:

  • Collectors Edition with the Beta access, the Halo series (not the Blomkamp one)
  • War Collection with the above, as well as ports of Halo 3 & 4 for XB1.

Another later update: 

Halo 2 HD
Halo 3 Port
Halo 4 Port
Halo 5

In the span of one year. 

Don’t forget two live action series too!

What are your thoughts? I will continue to update this as the story develops and hopefully a statement by 343 or Microsoft will be made.

– Chief