Halo 2 Anniversary Confirmed 2014 by Steve Downes

GameZone released a snippet from an interviewed Steve Downes, the long-time voice of Master Chief, and he told them that we shouldn’t expect to see Halo 5 in 2014, but that the series will still see at least one release this year.

“I think you may be ahead of yourself on Halo 5,” Downes said. “I wouldn’t expect anything until 2015. What you can look forward to this year is an anniversary edition of Halo 2.”

No official statement has been made by 343 Industries or Microsoft.

Are you excited for a potential Halo 2 Anniversary?



Now normally I wouldn’t make a post about this, but there are some STRONG rumors that surfaced on NeoGAF by a apparently “verified” user who works within the industry.

The user dropped a bunch of information, which as of now has yet to be confirmed or denied so keep that in mind. The user revealed that Halo 2 Anniversary would be coming out on November 11th, 2014 for Xbox One, along with the delay of Halo 5 for one year (to 2015). The user went on to say that there will be a Halo 5 beta included with Halo 2 Anniversary and that H2A will actually have two versions, with one of them including ports of Halo 3 and Halo 4 for Xbox One. This all seems to good to be true, I am slightly skeptical, but other credible NeoGAF users have flip-flopped over the user’s verification but have also stated that Microsoft is pursuing this guy for releasing trade secrets. Who knows at this point.

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