Halo 4 Infinity Challenge Playlist Update 4 – Dominion

Dominion Inf Challenge

Sorry about the lack of updates. 343 has been enjoying the holiday break and hopefully this Thursday a regular HaloWaypoint Bulletin will be posted. Last week’s playlist for the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge contest was Regicide. I can assure you, we’re all probably sick of people camping for King bonuses, and/or boosting, and/or Active Camo camping, but that’s in the past now.

For the last week of qualifying, the focus will be on Dominion. So party up, capture those bases, and hopefully start a Sudden Death or two 😉

HaloWaypoint has been kind enough to provide some pointers for Dominion, which is a new multiplayer game mode to the Halo franchise.

“In this mode, you’ll need to work with your team to capture, fortify and resupply bases in order to win. To maximize your point total in this playlist, stay focused on the objective – while others may be focusing on kills, you may able to get several hundred points by sneakily capturing and defending bases. Remember that you also get points for destroying turrets and assisting captures, so sticking with your team is your best bet. This week, the Infinity Challenge playlist replaces the normal Dominion playlist, but you do not need to be registered for the tournament to play Dominion this week.” – HaloWaypoint

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Click see more if you want my tips and a break down video for the Dominion game mode.

My tips for Dominion are:

  1. Play with a party
  2. Send majority of players to capture B base immediately, and leave 1 to capture the base nearest the spawn (A or C)
  3. If you successfully captured both bases immediately I recommend holding off on killing the entire team, send 1 player to sneak around and capture the third base while they’re busy getting B or vehicles/weapons on the map. Enjoy Sudden Death mode and finish them off
  4. Otherwise, wait it out and always hold 2 bases if you don’t want to take a risk.
  5. Vehicles/Power weapons play a key role so don’t neglect them by hiding inside bases to protect them.


– Chief Landless