Halo 5 Box Art Revealed!?

Amazon updated their product listing for the next Halo game set to release in 2014. The title is still a mystery many people already calling it “Halo 5” while 343 Industries references it by “Halo on Xbox One” for the time being – until they announce the title at a later date.



The box art that Amazon updated the listing with looks very detailed even for just a place holder image. Although, they have 2 different angles of the box art and already have a typical placeholder image on the same listing.

Many people believe that it is just a placeholder because 1) HaloWaypoint/343 Industries hasn’t officially announced a title yet, 2) The title on the box only says Halo and has no number, and 3) No familiar character is on the cover – all Halo games either have Master Chief, an ODST, or Spartans on the cover

So what do you guy’s think: is this detailed box art the real thing or just a placeholder?

– Chief

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