Games With Gold Coming to Xbox One!

Along with the announcement that Microsoft will begin selling Xbox One without the Kinect in June, Microsoft has announced Games with Gold program will be headed to Xbox One. Games with Gold is a free program to Xbox Live Subscribers releasing 2 free games a month.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Games with Gold for Xbox 360 members will receive an additional free Xbox 360 game in June. The Games with Gold titles for Xbox 360 in June are “Dark Souls,” “Charlie Murder” and a bonus game of “Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.”

The Xbox One Games with Gold program will start with “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood” and “Halo: Spartan Assault” in June. A single Gold membership will get you access to the free games for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Also announced are exclusive discounts under a program called “Deals with Gold” in June. The program will offer significant savings for Xbox Live Gold members. The first titles offered in June will include “Forza Motorsport 5,” “Ryse: Son of Rome,” and a few other surprises. In the coming months, we will offer significant savings of up to 50 – 75 percent off certain titles. This program will continue to be available for Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox 360. And new on Xbox One, we will launch a virtual VIP room exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members where we will feature free games, monthly deals, and other great benefits.


Titanfall Expedition DLC Trailer

Respawn Entertainment just hosted a livestream for their upcoming Expedition DLC for Titanfall where they unveiled a trailer for their DLC showcasing the 3 maps. Swampland, Runoff, and War Games.

Update: Expedition DLC and update will be available on May 15th for XboxOne and PC.

Along with this DLC there is a huge list of updates coming to all platforms. Check the list here:

Halo Mash-Up Pack Coming to Minecraft

It looks like a Halo “Mash-Up” pack is headed to Minecraft for Xbox. The Halo Waypont twitter account posted a tweet announcing it earlier today.

Halo Minecraft Mash-Up Pack

An in-game screenshot was included in the tweet showing a Master Chief skinned player holding a Needler, standing in front of some Halo themed blocks. And in the background a Halo ring can be seen in the sky.

There is no release date yet and no further details have been given at this time. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer did recently confirmed that a release date for Minecraft: Xbox One is close to being finalized. Xbox 360 saves will transfer to Xbox One, but no word on mash-up packs and other features.

Destiny Beta Begins in July


The latest Destiny news and rumors reveal that the beta for Destiny is right around the corner and scheduled to open in July. As you may know, Bungie has been teasing gamers and plans on announcing more details about the beta at this years E3 (the game is also going to be playable there).

UPDATE: Bungie has confirmed the Beta for July

Many fans are predicting a July 7th release as Bungie is obsessed with the Number 7 (7/7/2014). The image below comes from an Activision Financial Q&A presentation. Source here.

Destiny Beta Date

This information has yet to be confirmed but Gameinformer is reporting that

“Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg says that the game is on track for release on September 9 and may set a record for the largest numbers of pre-orders for a new IP. Players will get access to the public beta in July.”

We well just have to wait till E3 for now to get the official details. Unless Bungie decides to follow the recently popular trend of early acknowledgments and confirmations because of leaks (Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, etc… have all exercised this recently).

It is still unknown how much earlier Playstation (PS3 and PS4) users will be able to play the beta.

Official Destiny Strike Gameplay: The Devils’ Lair

Beneath the ruins of the Cosmodrome, in the shadow of an old colony ship, we’ve located the House of Devils’ lair. Fight the Fallen, burn back the Hive, and clear a path that leads straight into E3, Beta, and beyond.


Destiny Red Sparrow Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus

Gamestop/EB Games have confirmed an exclusive pre-order bonus for Bungie’s upcoming game Destiny. A Sparrow is a personal vehicle that players can summon on the fly. With this pre-order bonus you’ll get access to an upgraded version right from the start, but these upgrades can be attained through normal gameplay, however the red paint job is exclusive to those who pre-order at Gamestop and EB Games locations.

Destiny Red Sparrow Pre-Order BonusBoost your adventure. Get an Exclusive Upgraded Red Sparrow with improved acceleration and better top speed when you Pre-order Destiny at GameStop. Power to the Players.

Sparrows are rapid deployment vehicles designed to get you where you need to go at breakneck speed. Along with the custom paintjob, this exclusive, prototype version features upgraded initial acceleration and higher top speed than the standard model. To compensate for the boost, the hull has also been fitted with enhanced armor plating.

*Upgraded Sparrow paint job exclusively available to those that pre-order until 1/1/15. Sparrows with better acceleration, higher top speed and higher durability plating can also be attained through gameplay.

 “One of the Sparrows is called the Shrike, but all Sparrows are Sparrows and that was totally the plan all along.” – Eric Osborne @UrkMcGurk


‪‎Titanfall‬ Expedition DLC coming in May

Titanfall ExpeditionJust announced at Pax East. The first of three confirmed DLC for Titanfall has been
announced. Titanfall‬ Expedition DLC coming in May for $10. It will contain 3 Maps – Swampland, Runoff, and War Games. These maps will take place after the events in Titanfall’s “campaign”.

This image advertising the DLC pack showcases a sneak peak at a map called “Swampland” – a map that will feature large number of trees which allow you to wall run in crazy, unpredictable paths. The second map, Runoff, is loosely connected to Swampland. and reported to have “a lot of pipes and water.”. War Games, the last map, takes place within the area titan pilots train in and will look futuristic and “Tron”-like (think of those narrow hallways in the tutorial)

Titanfall has 3 DLC packs planned for $10 individually, or $25 for the seasons pass. Continue reading

YouTube Upload Coming to Xbox One

Xbox One YouTube Upload

Starting April 8th Xbox will be rolling out the ability to upload Xbox One game clips recorded with the built in DVR to YouTube! Those “Xbox, Record That” moments will finally be able to share beyond Upload Studio and your friends/followers on Xbox One. It’s pretty safe to say that this feature will (probably) follow the maximum 5 minute video length that Upload Studio currently has in place for uploading to your OneDrive (or publishing to your clips on Xbox One)


Game DVR and Upload are among the most used apps on Xbox One. We know how important it is to be able to easily watch and share video clips, and starting tomorrow we’re rolling out an update to the YouTube app on Xbox One that integrates Game DVR and Upload with YouTube**, making it easier than ever to capture and share game clips with the world.

Now, use Game DVR to capture epic gaming moments, edit them in Upload Studio, and, with the simple click of a button inside the YouTube app (look for My Uploads**), share them instantly to your YouTube channel. The updated YouTube experience also allows you to watch YouTube videos in Snap Mode, earn Media Achievements, and adds YouTube channels to OneGuide for instant access to YouTube videos right next to your favorite TV listings or App Channels.

*Xbox Live Gold required; GoPro is launching on Xbox 360 in all Xbox Live markets
**In Settings, elect to “Share game clips” and “Share on social network”

Xbox Wire

Ridley Scott Live Action Halo Series Without Master Chief!

For nearly a decade we’ve heard rumours about a Halo movie. Recently, in January this year rumours were floating around that there were plans for a live-action Halo movie produced by Ridley Scott (known for Blade Runner, Alien, & Prometheus). It wasn’t long before Microsoft put an end to the speculation stating there were “no plans for a Halo motion picture at this time”

According to the latest news/rumours from numerous sources it seems like Microsoft was technically correct, and we fell victim to their word play. While there is no Halo motion picture or movie, there seems to be many confirmations that there’s a Halo live-action series instead. Many sites are citing this story as unconfirmed but IGN has stated that Microsoft has indeed confirmed this information. I’m sure we’ll get more information and clarification during E3 in June. Continue reading

Halo 2 Anniversary must “nail” the multiplayer experience

IGN recently did an interview with Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer during GDC last week in San Francisco, where he was asked what would be the most important feature to him in a hypothetical Halo 2 Anniversary release for the Xbox One.

He replied with

“In this fictitious world where that game existed… it’s an easy answer: it has to be just the multiplayer experience that we all found in that first Halo 2 game. If you think about what happened in the franchise and what were the hallmark moments – when did duel wielding come in, when did another playable character that [weren’t] Master Chief come in?

All the things that you and I know about the evolution of the franchise, if you’re going to say one thing about Halo 2, you’re going to talk about real multiplayer. I think you just have to nail that in just such a fundamentally core way. Frankly [we’d have to do it] probably better than we did with Halo 1 Anniversary. I thought the multiplayer in Halo 1 Anniversary was good, but Halo 1 never had multiplayer in the truest sense, so it always was going to be something different.”

Phil Spencer closed with

“If there were something called Halo 2 Anniversary… I think the multiplayer would have to be fantastic.”

This is definitely great to hear, provided that Halo 2 Anniversary is actually real. It sounds like they want to truly recreate the Halo 2 Multiplayer experience, something we didn’t see truly with Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. Halo CEA’s campaign was great with the added ability to revert to the original graphics with a touch of a button on the fly – but many were disappointed that Halo Anniversary’s Multiplayer was just re-skinned overtop of Halo Reach, it just didn’t feel right for many and true to the original experience.

What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy Halo Anniversary? What would you like to see if Halo 2 Anniversary was real?