Halo 2 Anniversary 60FPS Gameplay – Gungoose CTF on Bloodline (Coagulation)

Halo 2 Anniversary Gungoose Gameplay on Bloodline the remastered Coagulation

Halo 2 Anniversary – Silenced SMGs, Gungoose, EMP Tower! Bloodline (Coagulation) Gameplay

Check out the gameplay reveal of Bloodline the remastered Coagulation for Halo 2 Anniversary. Bloodline’s dynamic map element features EMP Towers at each base that disable any nearby vehicles – similar to the overcharged plasma pistol.

Halo 2 Anniversary Bloodline EMP Tower

We also get to see Suppressed SMGs (formerly known as Silenced SMGs) and Speed Boost for the first time, along with more Gungoose and Hornet gameplay! Also the Suppressed SMGs are also dual weldable!

Halo 2 Anniversary Dual Wield Suppressed SMGs

Halo 2 Anniversary Silenced SMG Halo 2 Anniversary Speed Boost


Halo 2 Anniversary – Remastered Zanzibar and Gungoose Gameplay!

Check out the gameplay reveal of the remastered Zanzibar for Halo 2 Anniversary. We also have our first glimpse of the highly anticipated Gungoose, a new mongoose with guns!

Halo 2 Anniversary Gungoose

343 Industries also released eight new screenshots for the remastered Zanzibar.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection RTX Recap

At RTX 2014 343 Industries revealed more details about Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 2 Anniversary. Details about terminals, skulls, a new Gungoose vehicle, Gungoose CTF, Coagulation remastered, new gametypes, and weapons like the assault rifle and silenced SMG!

Here’s all the news from the panel in more detail!

The BIG news

Coagulation Remastered

Coagulation will be one of the six Halo 2 maps (joining Ascension) in Halo 2 Anniversary that will also have a remastered version of the map running on a brand new Xbox One engine.

rtx-2014-halo-2-anniversary-coagulation-concept-art-expansertx-2014-halo-2-anniversary-coagulation-concept-art-cavertx-2014-halo-2-anniversary-coagulation-concept-art-red-base Continue reading