“Halo: New Beginnings” Leaked Images Are Fake!

Four leaked images surfaced for a game claimed to be called Halo: New Beginnings. However, after close examination the images are fake. But the story could be true, as it involves a popular Mendicant Bias theory and follows Master Chief after the events of Halo 4 as he searches for Halsey to bring back Cortana.

“Halo: New Beginnings is an upcoming title for Microsofts Xbox One… follows the events after Halo 4. Master Chief has left [the UNSC] Infinity to search for Halsey to bring back Cortana. On the way, he meets Mendicant Bias and he ends up being the new AI Companion”

Now we cannot outright say that the attached story is false, many Mendicant Bias theories are floating around right now. For those who don’t know Mendicant Bias was the most advanced Forerunner AI at the time who eventually went rampant but rumors from a Halo 3 terminal mention that Mendicant Bias may be able to overcome rampancy; which could lead to a possible solution that Master Chief may be seeking to restore Cortana.

The creator of the images even contacted me via Twitter asking for credit in fooling the community.

Here’s a photoshop image I created in 10 minutes showing how easy it is to fool the community Halo-Fake-Hud-ExampleThere you have it, you can’t always believe what you read on the internet. However, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on a potential storyline involving Mendicant bias. Leave a comment and let me know.

– Chief… I hope I don’t have to do this every time a “leaked” photo is released.

Halo 5 Rumors – Arbiter, Brutes, Episodic Story? (Halo on Xbox One)

A round up on the noteworthy “Halo 5” (or Halo on Xbox One) rumors from 2013. Spanning from talks of the Arbiter and the Brutes returning, in-game ranks, Xbox One impulse triggers, and potential episodic story line or game mode in the absence of Spartan Ops Season 2.

The only concrete facts we have are the following. Halo on Xbox One will:

  • Run at 60 frames per second, the first Halo game to do so,
  • It will utilize the cloud and have dedicated Servers, just like every Xbox One game,
  • Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer stated “… the series is no longer a trilogy, but now a saga.“, and
  • The final title will be announced at a later date as stated by 343 Industries on HaloWaypoint

Keep in mind, Halo on Xbox One is still a work in progress and the title is still TBA. It may not be a part of the original trilogy announced, since the Reclaimer trilogy is now the Reclaimer Saga.

– Chief