“Halo on Xbox One” – E3 2013 (HD) Trailer – “Halo 5 Reveal”?

Hello everyone, 343 Industries made the trip down to E3 and left us all with our mouths wide open wanting more!! That sounds wrong… but I don’t care!

Halo Xbox One

They unveiled a video showing Master Chief wandering a desert, with Cortana’s chip in hand, and then a massive Forerunner-like beast emerges from the ground.¬†Could Master Chief be searching for Cortana or is the chip just a constant reminder? Only time will tell.

I honestly was expecting a side Halo game like ODST, Halo Wars, more Halo Spartan Assault, maybe even a Halo 2 Anniversary announcement. I had slight feeling that 343 would show a side game and perhaps a very minuscule teaser for Halo 5. I have a gut feeling that this will be Halo 5 as Master Chief has never appeared in a side Halo game (like the ones mentioned before) this appears to be a main story line game.

The game is currently being called “Halo on Xbox One” with everyone assuming it to be Halo 5. But only time will tell. The game will be released on Xbox one in 2014.

The award-winning franchise continues on Xbox One, beginning in 2014. Final title to be announced at a later date. – HaloWaypoint

@Xbox just tweeted linking the video calling it Halo 5. Could this be a typo or just revealing the truth all too soon? Again only time will tell

Halo Xbox One2

– Chief Landless

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