Halo 4 Champions Bundle: Spartan Assault Content Overview

An overview of the bonus content you get if you’ve purchased the Halo 4 Champions Bundle and Halo: Spartan Assault. You get Striped DMR Weapon Skin, Determined Stance, Vision and Rush armor skins.

– Chief

Halo 4 Champions Bundle: Bonus Content Overview

Halo 4 Champions Bundle Bonus Content Overview. A look at the bonus content that you can only get by purchasing the Champions Bundle for 800 MSP

– Chief

Halo 4 News – 3 New Armor Mods: Resistor, Survivor, & Recharge! Champions Bundle Bonus Content!

Halo 4 Champions Bundle Bonus Content revealed (click here for the story) which includes 5 new weapon skins, 8 new player card stances, 5 new armor skins. Also a look at 3 brand new armor mods Resistor, Survivor, and Recharge, that will all be eventually free.

– Chief