Extraction, Dat Tarp, & More! The Halo Bulletin: 2.27.13

Regicide by Ryuu Katsuro

Back again with an overview of the latest Halo Waypoint Bulletin! Here’s the juicy details on Halo 4’s upcoming Matchmaking updates and fixes. You can read it in it’s entirety here but here are the highlights:

Halo Waypoint File Browser (Online File Share component) went live this week. Here’s the link http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser just sign in and begin searching for content!

It's a Tarp by Minolta1034

March 1st, 2013

  • Spartan Ops Encore: Episode 6
  • Extraction Playlist
    • 5 vs. 5
    • Extraction still available through Team Throwdown & Majestic Team DLC Playlists
  •   Capture the Flag Playlist Update
    • Add two maps: Simplex and Settler
      • Simplex: “an arena-style map from community forger SaLoT, has seen the spotlight in both the Community Forge Test and Team Throwdown playlists”
      • Settler: “a fast paced, semi-symmetrical on-disc Ravine variant that rests atop a verdant cliff side
  • Rumble Pro Fix: Motion Tracker will be turned back on
  • Majestic FFA DLC Join In Progress window will be evaluted/monitored and probably adjusted accordingly
  • Majestic Team DLC Playlist respawn times will be adjusted as well

Extraction Playlist Details

Mode Extraction
Team Setup 5 vs. 5
Score to Win 5
Loadouts Custom
Instant Respawn Disabled
Death Cam Enabled
Motion Tracker Enabled
Personal Ordnance Disabled
Active Sites Map Dependent
Site Location Sequential
Site Movement On Extraction
Arming Time 3 Seconds
Extraction Time 45 Seconds
Conversion Time 3 Seconds
Timer Pause Enabled

– Chief Landless


I heard you liked Team Doubles, so we doubled… You get the point! The Halo Bulletin: 1.30.13

These weekly bulletins just keep getting better and better! So without wasting anymore of your time lets dive on into the highlights. But if you want to read it in its entirety click here.

Infinity Doubles offers the Infinity Slayer experience in 2 vs 2 form. In this variant, players have the option to choose their custom loadout, and instant respawn and radar are enabled. Personal ordnance will kick in at the traditional 70 point mark, but the options are tweaked specifically for Team Doubles. Games are played up to 300 points.

Doubles Pro offers an experience that features preset game loadouts. The score limit is the same as above, but radar, personal ordnance and instant respawn are disabled. Here are the loadouts that will be featured:

Loadout 1:
Starting Weapon – DMR
Secondary Weapon – Magnum
Armor Abilities – None
Tactical Mod – Resupply
Support Mod – Dexterity

Loadout 2:
Starting Weapon – BR
Secondary Weapon – Magnum
Armor Abilities – None
Tactical Mod – Resupply
Support Mod – Dexterity

Loadout 3:
Starting Weapon – LightRifle
Secondary Weapon – Magnum
Armor Abilities – None
Tactical Mod – Resupply
Support Mod – Dexterity

Loadout 4:
Starting Weapon – Carbine
Secondary Weapon – Magnum
Armor Abilities – None
Tactical Mod – Resupply
Support Mod – Dexterity

CTF Doubles offers the ever-popular Capture the Flag game type, customized for 2 vs 2 play. Custom loadouts and radar are enabled, and respawn time is set to 10 seconds. Flag settings provide an optimal experience for small maps and teams: 5 flags to win, 3 second return, and 15 second reset. Lastly, your flag does not have to be home to score.

No final map list for the Team Doubles playlist but they are

offering slightly modified versions of Haven, Abandon and Solace, split-screen players can be sure that they’ll have the option to play on a map that offers the best split-screen experience. Additionally, we plan to offer several of the best community Forge maps in this playlist and will continue to update the map pool on a regular basis to keep everything fresh.

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The Halo Bulletin 12.12.12

Here is this weeks weekly bulletin by bsangel. In the bulletin she goes over a few of the events that took place (including some award shows), a developer interview with Josh Holmes, information about the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge, and more up-to-date information on the file share system’s ETA.

Nothing in-regards to a change in the Multiplayer Playlists. So assume that SWAT, Team Regicide, and the Crimson DLC Playlist will be sticking around for a bit longer (no c. We’ll have to see after December 17th when the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge kicks off to see if there are any playlist changes.

You can read the full bulletin here!

Until then, things will be slow in regards to news and Halo bulletins as the holiday season is around the corner. So happy holidays!

Leave a bottle of Dew and Doritos out for Santa 😉

– Chief Landless

PS. Apologizes for the late update and no video announcing this weeks bulletin. There was nothing of major significance so I decided a video isn’t worth it and to focus on exams. Study hard everyone and Happy Holidays!