Destiny Official PlayStation 4 Announcement!


Straight from the PlayStation 4 press conference, Activision led the introductions to Bungie to close out the conference. A fitting choice to have first-timer Bungie to the PlayStation world.

They announced that Bungie will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Also that PlayStation will have their own exclusive content.

I would expect the same treatment to owners of the Xbox 360 and future owners of the next-gen Xbox console.

Enjoy the video and a look into some game footage!

– Chief Landless


2 Majestic DLC Playlists and New FFA Variant Infinity Rumble

Normally with the release of a Map Pack for Halo we expect at least one DLC exclusive playlist to get our feet wet with the new maps. However, this time around we are getting 2 DLC Playlists and we have an early announcement (pre-Halo Bulletin announcement) of one game variant being added along side with the Majestic Map Pack, Infinity Rumble.

What we know:

  • Majestic FFA DLC Playlist – 8 Players
  • Majestic Team DLC Playlist – 4 vs. 4
  • Infinity Rumble – FFA Game Variant
    • Exclusive to Majestic DLC Playlists (for a period of time)
    • Score to win 250 points (50 fewer than Regicide)
    • Infinity System added, i.e. personal ordnance

These won’t be the only updates and additions along side the release of the Majestic Map Pack on February 25th (which costs 800 Microsoft points by the way or free to War Games Map Pass owners). Expect the release of a Title Update (TU) to Halo 4 along with the DLC, which will bring some previously mentioned fixes:

  • Boltshot 1-hit kill range reduced from 20-25ft to 15ft
  • Removal of Friendly Fire EMP/Damage to vehicles (fully) owned by teammates in modes where Friendly Fire is turned off
  • Custom Game / Forge issue where people cannot adjust respawn timers and remove instant respawn.

Expect more details late tonight or tomorrow with the release of this weeks Halo Waypoint Bulletin which will have plenty of details about the Majestic Map Pack, Title Update, and more playlist information!

– Chief Landless


Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack Trailer & Details

For those who stayed up late like myself, 343 just released a behind the scenes look at Halo 4’s next DLC, The Majestic Map Pack. As well as tons of screenshots.

The Majestic Map Pack will launch February 25th and will cost 800 Microsoft Points. It will be included for “free” to those who purchased the war games map pass.

The map pack brings you 3 new small-to-medium sized maps and a new mode, Infinity Rumble, to the Halo 4 War Games experience. These close-quarter maps shine in small team play and free-for-all.

As for the new game mode “Infinity Rumble” there are no details, but we should expect to see details in this upcoming bulletin as well as more details about the map pack. I’m speculating either an Infinity FFA variant or an Infinity Objective variant. Share your thoughts!

UPDATE: Infinity Rumble is a FFA variant with Infinity aspect added. i.e., personal ordnance.

Map Summaries and Screenshots:

Skyline: Smallest map for Halo 4. 2 Bases on 2 different levels. Great for 2v2 and 4v4.

Skyline puts you in the air on a new construction site, and its distinctly industrial surroundings and sky-high locale provides new challenges in confined spaces. Skyline, perched high above the sights of reconstruction in Cascade’s capital city, is small and symmetrical: Perfect for Regicide, with a mixture of high and low spaces and plenty of cover.

Monolith: Arena style map, 4 base symmetrical. 2 bases different from the other 2.

Monolith is an open battlefield; a Forerunner monument that exposes you to the naked vacuum of space – and the firepower of opposing teams. Monolith harkens back to more classic Halo arena-based maps, and its symmetry lends nicely to objective-based modes like Capture the Flag. Monolith is an open battlefield; wherever you look, you will witness the ferocious action that only a small and open map can provide.

Landfall: Asymmetrical, mid-size map. Contains both indoor and outdoor areas.

Landfall’s emphasis is on infantry battles amidst a glittering ocean and a city under siege on a distant world. Perfect for Infinity Slayer, this small-to-midsize asymmetrical map offers interiors with sparse cover, which encourages close-range combat, while the exteriors offer long lines of sight to stalk your opponents.

– Chief Landless

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Bungie’s Destiny Won’t Release in 2013


Early this morning Activision put out a press release in regards to the rumours about the release date of Bungie’s next title, Destiny.

They have stated that Destiny will not be included in Activision’s 2013 outlook and “there should be no speculation or expectation of a different result”.  So this means they have no plans for Destiny to release in 2013, so we’ll have to hope for 2014.

They also restated that Destiny is confirmed for the “the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, as well as other future console platforms”, which hints that Destiny will also be available for the next generation consoles; “The Xbox”, and “PlayStation 4”.

We have seen this before in video game history. For example, Call of Duty 3 was released November 7th 2006 for PlayStation 2 and then for PlayStation 3 when the new console launched just 10 days later on November 11th 2006. Similarly, the game was released for both Xbox and Xbox 360.

So this means that Destiny will not be a next-gen launch title for the Xbox or PlayStation 4; as we are expecting a PlayStation 4 announcement this week and speculation towards a Holiday 2013 launch time for both the new Xbox and PlayStation 4.

This rarely happens that a video game be released across different generations of consoles. So given the rarity and previous occurrences of this happening, we can speculate that Destiny will be releasing rather early in the next-gen consoles life.

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– Chief Landless


Destiny ViDoc Released!


Bungie has revealed their latest game Destiny with a whole new universe to explore. For the first time, the team behind the game – including studio co-founder and project director Jason Jones – are here to talk about their vision for the game and give us an overview of the creative process.

Reveal Trailer – Official Destiny ViDoc: Pathways Out of Darkness

– Chief Landless


Halo 4 Team Throwdown Playlist Details!


Halo 4’s Competitive Playlist, Team Throwdown, will launch tomorrow. Here’s the scoop on the details within the playlist. This information was brought to us by Bravo and posted in the Halo Waypoint Forums. Enjoy!

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Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack Pictures Leaked

Thanks to some savvy tech people out there, images of Halo 4’s next DLC, the Majestic Map Pack, have been leaked. Here we gets some great, but brief, looks at the maps that will be in the DLC. We are expecting the map pack to be released February 25th and expecting a trailer video to be released sometime this week. Enjoy!

Side note. These maps are going to be small to medium sized maps, as opposed to the Crimson Map Pack which had medium to large sized maps.


Landfall Majestic Map Pack Leak Image


Monolith Majestic Map Pack Leak Image 2Monolith Majestic Map Pack Leak Image


Skyline Majestic Map Pack Leak Image 2

– Chief Landless


Bungie’s Next Game “Destiny” confirmed to be a FPS

Thanks to MoreConsole for keeping myself and others up to date on Destiny.


Here we see  portion of a pre-order poster was leaked for Bungie’s next game Destiny. The poster confirms that it will have:

  • competitive multiplayer modes
  • customizable characters
  • weapons and vehicles

Check out the poster in more detail here

Also the rumour is that you will be able to pre-order the game Monday!

Check out more details in MoreConsole‘s video and stay tuned to his channel for more details on Destiny.

– Chief Landless


Team Throwdown, Playlist Updates, TU Boltshot Nerf! The Halo Bulletin: 2.13.13


Hello there, back again with another Halo Waypoint bulletin. This time we have more than just Halo 4 Matchmaking Updates we also have a little bit of Title Update Information. Let’s break down this weeks bulletin. And as always you can read the entire thing here!

February 18th, 2013

  • Spartan Ops Episode 10
    • 5 New Missions
    • Last Episode of Season 1 (No Details on Spartan Ops Season 2)
  • Team Throwdown (Competitive Playlist)
    • v2 settings
    • Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, Extraction and King of the Hill
  • Removal of Crimson DLC Playlist
    • Maps will merge into regular respective playlists
  • Team Snipers Playlist Score to Win Reduced
    • 600 Points (60 Kills) to 500 Points (50 Kills). Due to no instant respawn
  • Shutout Map added to SWAT Playlist
    • Other Forge Maps to be added to other playlist over time

February 25th, 2013 (Rumoured/Expected Date)

  • Title Update
    • Boltshot Range reduced.1-hit kill will be reduced from 20-25ft to 15ft
    • Remove friendly-fire issue with EMP/Damage to Vehicles owned by teammates in playlists with friendly-fire disabled.
    • Fixed an issue that did not allow players to create respawn timers or disable instant respawn in custom games
  • Majestic Map Pack (3 small-med sized DLC maps)
    • Monolith
    • Skyline
    • Landfall

Team Throwdown Playlist Details!
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